Talk to a colleague about joining before 12 November

Over the past few weeks, more and more people have been joining to be part of the fight for Fair Pay.

Every new person that joins between today and Wednesday 12 November will have their fees go directly to getting more ads in more places. Ads that take the message about Campbell Newman's broken promise straight to the community. 

With you. For Fair Pay. 

Members should be congratulated for their efforts in the fight for Fair Pay, in the courts and in workplaces.

Here are some materials for members to talk to their colleagues about joining you in this fight. 

  • New Membership Form -- Talk to a colleague about joining today with this form. 
  • 9 Reasons to Join - Use this to help you talk through the benefits of being part of Together as a member.
  • See the letter here - This letter from Secretary, Alex Scott, explains why members joining now will make a difference and how you can help out. 

 To find out more email [email protected] 

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