Health members say: Fair Pay For All!

It’s time for the Premier to deliver fair pay for all, not just the politicians.

Before the election, Premier Campbell Newman promised that “public servants who work hard are entitled to have their wages at least keep pace with inflation.”

Since the election, prices in Queensland have kept rising while the Newman government has done everything to limit and delay pay increases for government workers.

Every delay costs public servants money.

At the same time government MPs gave themselves a 3% backdated increase. That’s 3% for Campbell Newman and the politicians while forcing Health employees like you to take just 2.2%, refusing to negotiate with you and just continuing your agreements by legislation.

HPs have had almost a full year under the 2.2% cap while members in other streams have just had the 2.2% wage cap imposed.

This is despite inflation being at 3% and MPs giving themselves a 3% pay rise - fully backdated.

It’s time the Newman government delivered fair pay for all!

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