Where is your fair wage increase?

It's time for Fair Pay for All.

For the last 3 years public servants have suffered the insult of being denied a fair pay rise while politicians were paid well over and above what we received.

Prices in Queensland kept going up and our wages did not keep up.

The former Newman government did everything it could to delay the Industrial Commission from arbitrating on public sector wages. Every delay cost public servants money.

Together members forced Campbell Newman to provide an administrative pay increase for public servants, but he only provided 2.2%, with no backdating.

Since being elected, the new Palasczuk Labor government have legislated to link their wage rises to public servants in to the future. This is a great first step but now we need to see the money and fix the back pay.

The Palaszczuk government should also be congratulated for restoring other important rights and working conditions like job security, rights to consultation and a right to a fair hearing in the tribunal on wage rises. This legislation was passed in June and is a great step forward.

We have seen great action on job security and working conditions, and now fair pay needs to be at the top of the Government "to do" list!

We want to ask our new government to deliver on fair pay now.

Join the Fair Pay for All campaign today.

You can see a timeline of the Fair Pay campaign here.