Be a Fair Pay Voter!

Over the coming weeks, child safety officers, schools workers, disability support staff, and thousands of other people in other roles vital to delivering services to Queenslanders will be stepping up and voting in our Fair Pay Referendum. 

Join them and be a fair pay voter by signing up to get the materials needed to host a Fair Pay Referendum today. 

Together members have chipped in to fund the fight in courts against Campbell Newman's broken promises on fair pay, now, we need to take things to the next level, starting with this Fair Pay Referendum. 

We've already started getting out in the community, including using advertisements to put pressure on LNP backbenchers to stand for fair pay not broken promises. Now is the time to take it to the next level, every person who JOINS will mean more ads in more places that matter. 

Why hold a Fair Pay Referendum?

Workplaces covered by the Core agreement have the opportunity to stage a referendum. RSVP on this page to register your workplace, and we'll send you a kit. 

The kit will contain: 

  • Introductory letter to Fair Pay Referendum
  • Fair Pay Referendum ballot box
  • Vote Here sign
  • Fair Pay ballot papers
  • Stickers to give to those who have participated

Who can vote? 

Together members. If you or one of your colleagues don't want to miss out then you can JOIN today and vote. 

Only Together members will have the opportunity to vote. 

Why does voting matter?

The not so secret ingredient to making this all work is you, your colleagues and the community showing in different ways that fair pay matters to you and you are prepared to hold politicians who refuse to support fair pay to account. 

Voting closes October 31st. 

Join. Be a voter. Be for fair pay.

October 06, 2014 at 9am - October 31, 2014
Every Queensland public sector workplace

How to set up your Workplace Fair Pay Referendum

1. Fold the sides together to create your Fair Pay ballot box.
2. Use the Vote Here sign to help advertise that the ballot is open.
3. Distribute ballot papers to fair pay voters (Only Together members can vote).
4. Explain to people how to fill in the ballot. Answer all questions.
5. Once voters have filled in their ballot paper put it in the ballot box.
6. Congratulate anybody who voted for having their say and give them an ‘I vote for Fair Pay’ sticker.
7. Collate the results in your workplace once voting has closed and send the results to [email protected]
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Will you host a Fair Pay Referendum in your workplace?