Where’s my ‘proper or higher than inflation’ pay rise Premier?

Since their election in 2012, the Newman government have failed time and time again to deliver on their promise to public servants that they would provide fair pay rises that keep pace with the increasing cost of living.

On 30th of October, Campbell Newman took these broken promises to another level when he claimed in Queensland Parliament: “I say this: this government gave pay rises to hard-working men and women in the Queensland public service that met inflation over the three years of this term. This is what we did”.

Campbell Newman also stated that the government had “offered proper inflation or higher than inflation pay deals”.

This is simply untrue and shows a complete lack of regard for people like you, who work every day to support Queensland communities.

December 1st marks the next administrative pay increase of 2.2% by the Newman government – showing their continued agenda to keep downward pressure on public service wages. While as we know last year the Premier accepted a $98,000 pay rise and every MP in his government accepted thousands more as well. They have had a massive increase, while you have been told there is not enough money to go around.

It’s time for Campbell Newman to do the right thing and pay a fair wage increase of 3% to public servants.

Use the form below to email Campbell Newman and ask him to make his statement to Parliament real by providing a 3% pay increase to public servants today. It’s time for fair pay for all, not just for politicians.

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