Community Visitors Petition

Community visitors play a vital role in the lives of Queensland children living in out-of-home care. You make sure our most vulnerable Queensland kids are heard, and you play a major part in ensuring they feel safe and secure in their living environment.

Your work and the children you support have been threatened by the reduction of working conditions offered by the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) when your role transitions from Commission of Children Young People and Child Guardian (CCYPCG) to OPG.

Many of you have voiced your concern on how the reduction of your travel and administration allowances will negatively impact on your work; some have even said work with OPG will not be a viable option due to these reductions.

The OPG is making you go through an EOI process and are using this as their reason to reduce your conditions, saying it is a whole new employment arrangement. While at the same time claimed your role was simply transferring over to OPG and that workers who chose not to give an EOI, for their role to be transitioned to OPG, would forfeit their pro-rata long service leave entitlements.

Thanks to the many Together members providing your union office with this information, your representatives were able to demonstrate that the forfeit of your long service leave was incorrect and very unfair.

This win gives you some influence to demand that your new employer, the OPG, revisit EOIs in light of this incorrect information. This influence will need to be backed-up by the majority of CVs being involved and being vocal.

If the OPG truly cared about you as new employees and the kids you look out for then the OPG would reconsider the entitlements they are offering you and recognise the true nature and importance of your role.

Please sign this petition and ask your fellow CV Together members to sign this petition so the OPG can see just how much this will impact on you and the work you do.

To: Office of the Public Guardian

Community Visitors play a vital role in the many lives of our vulnerable Queensland children. The proposed reduction in conditions that will result from appointment to the Office of the Public Guardian as well as the recent changes to the advice on long service leave entitlements  are significantly concerning to Community Visitors and make it harder for us to continue in the role. As it stands, Community Visitors are only able to visit one or two families a day, and only outside school hours. We request that discussions occur between the OPG and representatives of the Community Visitors to renegotiate appropriate conditions and entitlements to ensure the ongoing success of the Community Visitor program.

Will you sign?